Last Updated: 10/02/2024

Slow Arduino IDE fix

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How to fix a slooooooow Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE

When you first start programming with the Arduino IDE or some of the alternatives such as Sloeber or PlatformIO they seem to compile quickly, but over time can start to get slow.

This becomes a bigger issue when you move away from the basic Arduino AVR boards (Uno, Mega2560 etc) and start using boards such as the ESP32 that require extra board libraries to be added.

Combine this with the libraries you add to your project and suddenly when you click "Complile" you forget just how many files are read and used as well as all the magic that goes on in the background to finally compile and upload your sketch to your board.

Over time the IDE can suddenly become slow, at one point I had some ESP32 projects that took well over 15 minutes to compile and if you are only making a few mods and uploading again time soon gets wasted.

In my case I found the problem wasn't the IDE but instead was my anti virus software.

Every time I compiled something the anti virus was checking all the files used and created during the process and things just got bogged down in disc read/writes.

As all my sketches are on a specific drive I thought it would be easy to just tell the anti virus to skip that folder, however the issue is a bit more complicated as Windows installations have a habit of taking over the C drive in hidden places.

So these are the Folders you will need to get your anti virus to ignore. Some anti virus does this sort of things automatically with certain games so that they don't get slowed down.

The folders to exempt that have helped are:

Arduino Sketch folder... Found in the Preferences Tab

C:\Users\info\AppData\Roaming\Arduino IDE\

If you are using PlatformIO and VSCode add




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